Digital Score has bespoke data approach to technical SEO.  As Experienced SEO consultants, we base our work using trusted data and experience to develop insights that ensure your web assets get the best visibility possible in all search engines.

SEO is a marathon not a sprint and it is very often done as a check box exercise in many companies and also in practice by many other agencies. With us we build from the outside in, never thinking your business is like anyone else’s. Whether you’re a FTSE like our partners at Sage or a local business like MOTModel, we use experience but make no assumptions so we can be as thorough as possible.

Before we look at strategy, digital PR and link building we need to make sure your website is technically sound. We do this by conducting a full technical audit and will help your developers with implementation and testing.

After we ensure Google can crawl in and index effectively and efficiently we will conduct a full content audit. We typically have and outside in approach here, meaning we don’t just look at content you current have, but conduct a keyword gap analysis as well as competitors content analysis to ensure you’re not missing out on any content or keywords in your industry.

Once we have keywords, content gaps and all your pages, we begin mapping keywords to pages and will begin our work on forecasting on what your website could potentially be receiving in term of traffic and revenue from our SEO efforts.

Off the back of this work we can identify quick wins and the long term goals of the business, and once we combine this with a link audit not only of your website but of some of your main competitors who are beating you for market share and space, we can start to understand and build a strategy for us to win.

Make no mistake we are here to help you win, we want you to shout about our services and results.