Digital PR
Our goal as a Digital PR agency is to create
stories that have your audiences clamouring
for more.

  • Create insightful Digital PR assets that drive links, shares, traffic and develops positive Brand experience with targets audiences and influencers.
  • Get placements on major newspapers, blogs and influencers.
  • Future proof your business with trusted links and avoid Google penalties.
  • Build authority with your target audience and Search Engines like Google.
  • Encorporate into your larger Digital Strategy to decrease ad spend, increase leads and sales and optimise journey to ROI.

Some of the placements we’ve secured for our clients

  • We will immerse ourselves into audiences that align with your business values .
  • Gain an understanding of their needs, values and interests and find the intersection of those within your business.
  • We will design a story based on real data and insight gathered by and into the audience.
  • From our research, experience and some already established connections we know where to promote the content in order to deliver maximum exposure.
  • Leverage experienced marketers, who understand trends in your market, what your audience wants, what they respond and engage with.
  • Get Insightful Digital PR reporting, where we managed placements, how much traffic we got, how many supplementary links, social shares and what increases in rankings you receive and what the feedback was about the asset. What worked on the campaign, what can be improved. We collect data from multiple technologies ensuring you get all the data relevant to the campaigns and design reporting to contain actionable insights.
  • With our experience in outreach, we know how to make sure the assets get seen and picked up by the influencers. You don’t need to worry about what headlines and email templates work. We personalise our approach and have existing relationships with many journalists.